Who won world cup 2019?

England is the country that was declared as the official winner of the world cup 2019. They won the match against New Zealand at Lord’s, but the match was tied. Moreover, England ended up scoring up to 241 runs that have been set up by New Zealand in 50 overs. Later on, the ben stokes has carried the whole team with the unbeatable 84 runs over the 98 balls.

The tied score has meant the two teams need to play for super over even that cannot be separated from the teams. But this thing didn’t work out as both of them (England and New Zealand) ended up getting tied again on the same score of 15 runs. Have a look at the following points to know more about the exciting details regarding this amazing match. Here we have compiled each possible detail that will enable you to get more information regarding the whole match.

What happened next?
In the end, the England has prevailed as it has hit the total of 26 boundaries, the fours and sixes across the whole match have been ended over getting tied in the super over as well. hence, both teams have been compared and the authorities have ended up with the conclusion while making the kiwi fans unhappy, and this has upset some cricket pundits unhappy as well.

The conclusion was in favor of the England team as they have been declared as the winner of the world cup 2019. This is one of the most thrilling and exciting matches that has ever taken place, and moving on, have a look at the following FAQs so that you will be proficient enough to gain more knowledge about it.

Have a look at some frequently asked questions

  • Who was the man of the match in world cup 2019?

This was one of the most exciting and thrilling matches that were suspicious, and people were thrilled to listen to the results. Meanwhile, after the England team match winning announcement, the Kane Williamson was announced as the man of the match of world cup 2019.

  • How does the cricket world cup 2019 worked? 

The world cup 2019 was the group stage that was played in the round and robin league format along with all of the 10 teams which have opted to play with each other in the single group. As a result, 45 teams have ended up playing it, and amongst such teams, 4 teams from the group have been progressed towards the knockout stage.


The peroration 
From the details described above, we can easily conclude to the fact that the world cup 2019 was filled with suspense thrill, and each and every team has played really well. In the end, the England team has won the match amongst New Zealand; at the beginning, their match gets tied up, but later on, with the super over, the authorities have come to the conclusion that the England team has won the world cup.

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