Kim Kardashian- An American Celebrity with Successful Business!!

Kim Kardashian West is an American media personality, model, businesswoman, actress, and socialite. Kim was born on October 22, 1980, in Los Angeles, California. Kim Kardashian is adored by people with for her hourglass figure that drives ordinary girls to have a body like Kim.

Kim is a famous personality as she gained popularity among people in 2002 after sex tape, Kim Kardashian, a superstar with his partner ray j that was released in 2007. Additionally, wider attention was grabbed with his family’s show “keeping up with Kardashians,” and then there was no turning back.

We are here assisting you with the personal and professional life of Kim Kardashian, who is the current obsession of millennials. For gaining additional information, consider taking a glance at the article.

Kim Kardashian businesses and social media presence!
Kim has arisen from a reality show actress to one of the most successful businesswomen in the world. Kim has remained in news everyday reasons may sometimes vary due to her marriage or her family.

Kim Kardashian was the most relatable character in the E show keeping up with Kardashian in 2007. Along with reality shows, her boutique and clothing collection gained a lot of popularity in the business. Kim has been practicing several endorsements and earned millions as she has a huge active following of 164 million followers. Kim has been observed interacting with her followers in a subtle way that no other celebrity really practiced.

Kim is famous for holding multiple businesses at the same time, such as fragrance line, a successful business venture of the makeup brand, KKW Beauty, and also a new line of shapewear that is immensely loved by people across the world named as SKIMS.
Her social media presence is remarkable as each social media sponsored post of Kim makes millions in less than a sec. Kim is very precise and selective about brands she endorses through her posts.

Interesting facts about Kim Kardashian

Kim wrote a letter to herself where she told herself that her body would lead to attention from men; all she practiced this was to realize her self-worth.

  • Kim actually got married for thrice, she was nineteen when she got married to a music producer, Damon Thomas, but got divorced after three years later as they were unable to maintain a healthy relationship.
  • His current husband admitted that he worn clothes only approved by the west in the early stages of her relationship.
  • Kim believes that the worst thing, according to her, is women’s foundation being too light.
  • She doesn’t practice to wear flat until unless she is running on a treadmill.

So these are some of the interesting and fun facts from Kim Kardashian’s life. She is a successful woman with a net worth of $350 million. Kim is the second richest person in her family with her mobile game, Kim Kardashian Hollywood mobile game that has been practiced to download for more than 45 million times.
So this was all about one of the richest personalities of American digital media and successful businesswoman.

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