Kabaddi- The Team Spirit of Sports!!

Sports have also remained an essential aspect of our lives. There are dozens and dozens of sports that are played all around the world, but kabaddi is one of the finest sport that is placed with seven players on each side. Kabaddi is a team sport that is played with eleven players in each team for the gameplay.

Kabbadi is an Indian sport that has been played since traditional times to stay healthy. It is a team game that is optimal and ensures teamwork and unity during the game. We are here sharing some essential aspects related to the sport of kabaddi. For obtaining additional information regarding the aspect, consider continuing reading until the end.

Kabaddi-the team-spirited sport

Every sport is unique and one of a kind while playing and is played with the purpose of staying fit and healthy. Sports help one to understand and inculcate the habit of teamwork and togetherness. Kabaddi is played in teams, and there are two teams in court. Seven players of each team get into the court for gameplay, and it is a real struggle to compete against seven players.

One team is in defense that is called antis, whereas other teams for the attack that is named as a raider. In kabaddi, a raid is meant by the attack. The gameplay starts where one raider comes into the court of antis and tries to touch players in order to get points. If the raider manages to touch the antis player and get back to his/her court within the time limit, then h/s gets the point.

A number of players manage to touch and come back to the court of antis would be eliminated from the game. Another essential thing about the game that raider has to chant kabaddi! Kabaddi! Kabaddi! Throughout the time when h/s is in antis court. The time period of the game is 40 minutes, and five minutes break is taken after the first twenty minutes.

However, if the raider doesn’t manage to come back in his/ her home court within the given time, then h/s would be disqualified from the game. The round continues until the team of one side manages to get the point against each other.

Origin of kabaddi!
The game of kabaddi originated back in traditional times when it was played into multiple forms. In 1921 in Maharashtra, a kabaddi competition was held on the pattern of Gemini and sanjeevani together as a set of indigenous rules. In 1923, finally, a kabaddi committee was constituted that framed rules which were practiced in 1921. All of those rules were implicated during the All India Kabaddi Tournament that was organized back than 1923.

Kabaddi has been modernized and now played all over India and the world. In the 1930s, the game was only limited to India and some regions of South Asia. Kabaddi has been growing and reaching out to larger audiences that are inclined towards fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

So, this was all about kabaddi gameplay that conveys that teamwork in sports is essential for winning.

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