Football- What are the health benefits of playing football?

If you love to play outdoor games in the field, then football is the one for you. The game is not designed for solo’s as you need to find or create your own team to play. With the help of your team mates support, you have to do more goals than the opponents team. The game is called as football because it is played by using our foot.

It is very popular among various countries, and also it is live telecasted on the television. If you want to play the game, then, first of all, you need to work on your leg as it needs to be stronger, which will help in running faster and kicking harder. Your focus is to be on the ball only because anything instead of the ball is a distraction.

The field on which you will be playing the game will be 100 yards long, so prepare your mind according to that. You have to do the goals in the opponent’s net, and each goal will be counted as one point. You just need to be one point higher than the other team to win the game.

How can a football game be advantageous to your health?
There are numerous health benefits you should know about football, which will be going to make you stronger and healthy both at the same time. Here are some of those for you-

  • Reduce body fat– People those who have lots of body fat and want to reduce it then those people should play it more often. You have to run harder and faster in the game, which results in sweating, and your body will lose the fat in no time.
  • Builds strength– As we know, the ball needs to be kicked harder to throw it on the other edge of the ground. Strength is required, and by kicking every day, your strength will get to be developed. Your muscles will become stronger than before you can kick harder than before.
  • Make your bone stronger– Getting hit by the ball or hitting the ball itself will result in making your bones stronger. Your legs would be the first thing to feel the difference and then the rest of your body. You should play the game daily for better results and changes in your body.
  • Improves heart conditions- If you want to improve your heart rate, then you should play the game twice in a week. You will get to run about 9 to 11 km in the whole match, which is very beneficial for your heart. It would make it stronger and balance the heart rates.
  • Stamina improvement– If you are the one who cannot run continuously for 5 minutes, then your stamina level is really worst. Playing football will boost strength, which will help in running faster, and your stamina will be increased in no time.

These are some of the health related benefits you can get by playing football daily or twice in a week.

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