Colosseum-The Largest Amphitheater Ever Built!

In the city of Rome stands an ancient stadium which is known to be the largest amphitheater ever built, ColosseumColosseum. Once the home of battling gladiators, staged sea battles, and reenactments of ancient myths, but nowadays it is one of the tourist attractions in Rome and heritage of architecture.

Colosseum is an icon of Rome’s ancient history that has been standing for thousands of years. We are here assisting you with an easy guide regarding the ancient heritage of Rome, ColosseumColosseum that is unique. To comprehend the comprehensive details regarding the aspect, consider going through details stated below.

Colosseum- the Rome ancient icon!
Colosseum is a historical building that is huge and tall, although partially ruined, it has gone through for nearly two thousand years. The original name of ColosseumColosseum I Flavian amphitheater, however, it gained popularity in the world with the name colosseum. The building of this heritage building of Rome began in 72 AD under the direction of the emperor Vespasian. For the construction of ColosseumColosseum, thousands of slaves were put into force. It was made of stone, bricks, and concrete, also once it completed, then fifty thousand people could be easily seated into the amphitheater.

When coming to construction, then it was 620 feet or 189 meters long, 512 feet or 156 meters wide and 158 feet or 50 meters tall. When taking a look, according to modern construction, that is approximately twelve-story building. It was predicted to take eight years to complete, but the emperor Vespasian died before it could actually be completed. After the death of Vespasian, it was opened by the son of Vespasian, emperor Titus.

The amphitheater was used for entertainment purposes as competitions were held. The first games held in the newly completed ColosseumColosseum lasted for a hundred days. Participation in these games was free of cost. Such games helped the emperor to keep it popular with people of Rome active participation.

Gladiators history in ColosseumColosseum!

From tigers and elephants to bears and thousands of other animals were killed as the crowd cheered. Criminals were also executed there; sometimes they were used in the reenactment of ancient myths and stories where the character would be attacked by animals like Prometheus, or flung to their death like Icarus.

However, the most famous attractions of ColosseumColosseum were gladiators. Gladiators were known to be as professional fighters who battled each other in combat to the death for the pure purpose of entertainment of the crowd. Successful gladiators would become celebrities and gain riches and draw huge crowds that could make them in comfort in retire, assuming they lived that long.

The bottom line
A ColosseumColosseum is a famous place in Rome, Italy that allowed people to enjoy a rich heritage of Rome. However, it was destroyed in 1349 due to a major earthquake, and the big stone of amphitheater had fallen out, which was used to make other constructions.

The restoration of the Colosseum began in 1800 and continues to this day. Nevertheless, it is now the world’s heritage site and major tourist attraction of Rome.

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