Bill Gates – The Microsoft’s Developer Who Is World’s, Richest Man!!

When talking about the world’s richest man, then the first thought that strikes a millennial’s mind would be bill gates! Bill gates is a huge personality who is not only a successful businessman but also a person with a wonderful and creative mind. Bill Gates is an American business tycoon who was born on October 28, 1955. Along with a business person, he is a multi-tasking person who is a software developer, investor, and philanthropist.

Bill is mainly known as the co-founder of one of the leading corporations in the world, Microsoft Corporation. We are here discussing the richest man in the world and his amazing world-changing achievements.

Bill gates career journey with Microsoft
Bill is best known for his work at Microsoft, during his career in Microsoft he held the positions of chairman, chief executive officer, chief software architect and president along with being largest shareholding individual till 2014. Bill is considered one of the biggest and inspirational pioneers of Microsoft in the 70s and 80s.

The journey started as in 1975, gates and co-founder Allen formed micro-soft that was named as a blend of micro-computer and software. The very first product of that company made was BASIC software, which ran on the Altair computer. The software gained huge popularity but was pirated, so bill gates thought to take charge of it and worked for the privacy of software. He further seemed his coding very precisely and found it compulsory to go through. After 1979, there was no turning back as the company started earning millions.

Bill gates’ charity
Not only the bill gate is a huge personality with the largest wealth on the planet, but he is so humble and concerned with society as well. Bill Gates and his wife Melinda gates founded the world’s largest foundation with an asset of $46.8 billion. The foundation was formed in 2000 based in Seattle, Washington, with the primary purpose of providing healthcare across the world and reduced the extreme poverty in the US. Additionally, this foundation works for students to provide them with educational opportunities and access to advanced technology for improving the quality of their lives.

Net worth
Well, the net worth of bill gates is $95.7 billion, which is a huge number itself. It is known that bill gates indulge in the fewer luxuries all that make is a fraction of his total fortune. Bill gates mainly spend his net worth over charity and over plans that provide opportunities to newcomers.
Personal life of bill gates
Bill Gates grew up in an upper-middle-class family with two siblings, kristianne and Libby. Father was William H. gates sr, who was a law student when he met gates’ mother, who was an athlete and outgoing student at the University of Washington. Bill gates acknowledge that he was very close to his family as there was a warm atmosphere in his family.

Melinda gates are the wife of bill gates and have three kids, two daughters, and one son. He is a happy family person who wishes to make the world a better place to live.

Quote by bill gates:
Life is not fair; get used to it!

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