An ultimate guide to become a pro in Snooker!

If you are highly interested in Indoor sports, then you must have heard or most probably played the highly popular cue sport, Snooker. Snooker is a cue sport played on a rectangular table on which there is a total of 21 balls of different colors. The players have to strike the white ball using the cue stick and pocket the other balls. The player who will have the most points at the end of the game will be the winner. Snooker was invented by the officers of the British Army as they played it while they were ruling India.

In no time, Snooker got famous all over the world, and now it is officially a professional sport, and various people have built their careers in this sport. Despite its great popularity still, numerous people don’t have much knowledge about this cue sport. If you are planning to play Snooker and want to enhance your skills in it, then there some great tips that can help you to perfect snooker gameplay and techniques. If you want to become a pro in Snooker, then you can do it easily by focusing on the tips and guidelines listed below.

Some of the most useful tips to enhance your snooker gameplay

Take more practice shots
Snooker is the game of patience as you need to take your time to plan the right shot as that no mistake occurs. Most people rush into lining up a shot in Snooker as they think that they are making the other players wait too long for his turn. It is one of the most common mistakes made by novices in Snooker. You should stay patient and practice the shot multiple times without hitting the ball before you take the hit the ball with a real shot. It is quite a helpful way to enhance your shots and get better at the game.

Don’t hold the cue too tight
Holding the cue too tightly while making a shot can break it. Most of the players hold it too tight to ensure that they place the perfect shot, but in reality, it is a huge mistake. To ensure a good shot, it is necessary that the cue has a smooth and fluid movement, which is not possible with a tight grip. So you must have a bit loose grip so that the cue moves freely, and you are able to make an accurate game-winning shot.

Don’t forget to chalk up the cue
You must have seen small chalk cubes lying on the boundaries of the snooker table. Those cubes of chalk are of great importance in the game of Snooker. They are used to chalk up the tip of the cue so that it won’t slip off the ball when you hit it with the cue. You must remember to chalk up the cue whenever you are going to make a shot as, without it, the cue may slip off the ball and make you place a wrong shot.

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