A complete guide on Meknes historical relation with the city Volubilis: Read to know

If you have ever traveled to Meknes, then you definitely heard about Roman culture, and the history of Volubilis city partly excavated Berber near to Morocco. Meknes is known as the ancient capital of the kingdom of “Mauretania.” It was built in the fertile agricultural area in the era of the 3rd century (BC) onward as a Berber then after Proto Carthaginian. Settlement before it was made the capital of the kingdom of Mauretania.

A touch to history (in brief)

The city Volubilis is the part of Mauretania since the kingdom has became a “roman client state” following (fall of Carthage) at the time 146 BC. In 25 BC King Juba II was placed on thrones and started building his royal capital in the city. Despite his ancestry in Berber, king Juba was married to the daughter of Mark Antony and Cleopatra. His tastes were distinctly in the Roman side and the city public buildings, including the forum, a basilica, and a triumphal arch).

All this was done to reflect the architectural style of Roman cities around “Europe.” In 44 AD, the Mauretania was annexed by Claudius, and Volubilis grew rich by exporting (grain, olive, wild animals) for the gladiators. At the time of the 2nd century, the city was one of the empire’s crucial outposts and boasted almost 20000 residents. However, the wealthiest families lived in fine townhouses with spectacular mosaic floors.

The city was overrun by local tribes in 285 AD, and Rome never got it back. Moreover, the city Volubilis remained intact until the mid of 18th century arrived when they were largely destroyed by nature “earthquake.” At the same decade’s Moroccan ruler’s like-Moulay Ismail looted all the ruined marbles. That is used in the manufacturing of several imperial buildings in Meknes, the ruins are identified as the ancient city of Volubilis in the late 19th century.

  • Capitoline Temple
  • Triumphal Arch
  • The labours of Hercules house
  • The house of Venus

These are the four places of Volubilis to must visit, also known as the highlights of the city; because of the ancient history they belong to.

How to visit?

Well, after reading a lot, you all may be excited to visit the city but confused about how to visit Volubilis? Don’t worry; I will help you out; the ruins of the city stay open from the emerging of sunrise to sunset; all you need is to pay almost 70 dirham’s. The trip is almost of 22miles (35 kilometers) or fez 50 miles (80 km). A person can self drive to the city with means of transport available or can hire a private taxi if you want a cheaper way than you can get there by train. All the arrangements for tourists are managed by the authorities’ including staying, traveling, etc. The best part of visiting the city you get in touch with ancient Roman history and the life expansion people have at that time

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