8 Best Advantages woocommerce smart coupons plugin

As a human, we always like to save money for our future or bargain to reduce the selling price of a product to purchase a new product. woocommerce smart coupons  Think, if you get an offer through a coupon which gives 10% offer, you get more choice to buy one more product. So, the usage coupon is more essential for the online sellers to reach their customers and attract them to your stores.

This article is only for WordPress users, since woocommerce smart coupons platforms help to create online stores. WooCommerce has many plugins to enable different types of coupons but many users don’t know the best plugin to use for their WooCommerce store.

Then this article is yours, it gives the detailed view on the best Woocommerce plugins available for coupons.

Reason for using coupons
Normally a customer expects an offer while purchasing a product. Nowadays, customers purchase a product only for the offers given to that particular product. As per the study, 96% of customers use coupons to purchase. So, a coupon is the default option to attract your customers to your online store. So, you should decide on the coupon types to be used for your store because there are many plugins available in WordPress. Picking up the right one is main.

Don’t worry, this WooCommerce plugin guides you in choosing the right plugin for your store. So, let us jump to see the best coupon plugins.

8 Best coupon plugins for WooCommerce

WordPress has been dominating the web for the past years. Since, it has a huge number of plugins available for their users, some for free and premium. The below are the plugins which look best to apply for your WooCommerce store.

YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards

Using YITH WooCommerce gift cards, you can send gift cards to your customers through email once the purchase is completed. This makes the customers come back to your store again to redeem the gift card.

This choice of coupon will encourage new potential customers to reach your store again and again to become loyal customers.

The Premium version of the YITH WooCommerce provides physical and digital cards. Here it allows customers to set their own gift card amount and directly send it to recipients. There are some additional features available, they are: User gets gift card updates after each use, scheduling gift card delivery, customizable gift card designs.

Advanced for woocommerce smart coupons

Advanced coupon is available for free, premium and Loyalty versions but most of the functionalities available in the free version itself. This plugin has many features like BOGO deals, Loyalty program, cart condition options, URL coupons and shipping coupons.

Advanced coupon gives the flexibility for admin to enable and disable the coupons based on the customer purchase. Coupon rules and cart conditions are the methods to protect the accidental discounts to avoid loss. You could easily organize WooCommerce coupons based on categories. It also has a new coupon type called “Buy One Get One” deal option for introducing to customers.

You could easily restrict the coupons based on the role and also have the facility to view WooCommerce coupons on order preview popup.


Smart Coupons for WooCommerce

Smart Coupons for WooCommerce plugin looks more effective and it works as an additional functionality to the WooCommerce coupons feature in WordPress. It has some of the additional smart discounts like flash sales, giveaways, free shipping and even more. You could also mention purchase conditions and coupon rules using this plugin.

Smart coupons mainly reduce the effort in creating multiple coupons and save time in bulk generation of coupons. The plugin also provides coupons like cart abandonment coupons and signup coupons. It gives a way to create multiple giveaway products with a single coupon.

The plugin costs for the number of sites you use the plugin. For a single site, $69/year. For 5sites, $99/year and 25 sites.


Flexible PDF Coupons – Gift Cards & Vouchers for WooCommerce

Flexible PDF coupons from the name it is clear that the gift card, coupons and vouchers will be sent through email in pdf formats. woocommerce smart coupons Using flexible PDF coupons, you may let your customers buy gift cards where they can purchase products using those gift cards. Also, the plugin enables sending the gift card through emails in pdf format.

You could also generate the following using the plugin. Like,
⦁ PDF vouchers for the business like gym, salon, etc.
⦁ Tickets in pdf format for local and online events.

The plugins enable the admin to generate pdf coupons in some languages like English, Ukrainian, Polish, Spanish and german. woocommerce smart coupons There are two different pricing options available for the developers with 30 days money back guarantee.

Professional -$59 for single site holders with premium support.
All plugins bundle – $99 for 25 sites with priority support.


woocommerce smart coupons is the simple way to collect the emails from your visitors. woocommerce smart coupons The main work of the coupon box is to display the email popup to your new visitors to collect the email list for marketing purposes. It doesn’t waste the traffic generated to your website.

Using coupon boxes, you can ask users to subscribe to get the gift coupons. The main advantage of this plugin is that it is responsive even on the small devices, creating subscription forms for the visitors of your website, email campaign, etc.

Pro version of the plugin provides features like popup trigger, close coupon box, layout, premium support, etc.

The pricing is divided into two different types:
⦁ Regular license – Charges $26
⦁ extended license – Charges $125


WooCommerce Extended Coupon Features FREE

The plugin looks very easy and the functionality is integrated with the WooCommerce edit coupon panel. The main functionality of this plugin is to activate automatic discount rules. The plugin has the core process of enabling auto coupons to be added to the customer cart once the condition gets satisfied. You can easily restrict coupons by shipping, payment methods also the coupon can be activated by a combination of products.

This plugin is also available in the pro version which costs 29 Euro excluding VAT charges. This purchase enables one year of updates and support. Once the license expires the plugin continues to work but it does not receive any automatic updates.


Coupon Generator for WooCommerce

WooCommerce coupon generator enables you to sepup and generate thousands of coupons in a single minute. Since this plugin is simple in nature, it has more than 10,000 active downloads. The coupon can be generated in just 3 steps because of its simple nature, the plugin can be installed even in low cost hostings.


Lucky Wheel for WooCommerce – Spin a Sale

This plugin is available in free and premium versions. The plugin encourages to provide email before spin and coupons will be mailed to the customers once the spinning is completed. The premium plugin is available for $30 in regular license with 6 month support and $125 in extended licenses with 6 month support.

Also, if you need 12 month support in regular license then you should pay $39.38. The plugin costs $162.50 for extended license and 12 month support.


Final Thought

In online business, increasing the traffic and sales is the first priority. To do that coupon is one of the choices to attract the customers. I hope this article will help you in choosing the coupon plugin available in the WordPress plugin repository. Each plugin mentioned in this article has its one role in attracting the customers. So, choice is yours and based on your requirement select a plugin and increase your sales.

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