4 places where you need to visit in Sukothai! Check out the details!

Sukhothai is the city that is least populated, and it is situated in lower Northern Thailand. This city is famous for the ruins of ancient times. When you translate Sukhothai, it means the dawn of happiness. Moreover, it is situated on the edge of the northern region that is 427 kilometers away from the north of Bangkok. This city is one of the famous tourist destinations as it is located near the ruins.

Rare people know that Sukhothai was the capital of the first Kingdom that was established approx 800 years ago. As we have described earlier that this is the most exceptional place for the tourist visit there are some attractions of it for which this place is famous. But the thing is, what are such places? Do they worth visiting? Etc. These are some common questions that will be striking your mind. At the following points, we have given a detailed explanation regarding such places so that you will be at is while clarifying such things.

Places to visit in Sukhothai:

  • Sukhothai historical park:

Fewer people know that Sukhothai historical park has been divided into numerous sections each section contains 190 ancient ruins that make this place worth visiting. As this is the historical park, it has various temples, parks, royal places, etc. That will enable the tourist to figure out the beauty of ancient times.

  • Phra Mae Ya Shrine:

This place is situated near the Yom river; this is one of the highly respected shrines by the people living in the surrounding. This can be an attractive alternative place rather than ruins of the historical park as it has numerous cave temples in the remote part of the Sukhothai. This will let you know about the religious beliefs of ancient times, and the structure and detailing in the temple will let you know more about the architecture of the ancient times.

  • Loy Krathong festival:

The Loy Krathong festival is celebrated approx every year, and it is known as the festival of lights, this festival is being celebrated in numerous cities. Here the cities include Ayutta, Chiang Mai, Bangkok, and Sukothai. If you are planning to visit the SukoThai, then you should consider visiting there at this festival so that you can also join the rest of the people. This will enable you to gain knowledge about how people celebrate this traditional festival.

  • Ramkhamhaeng National Park:

If you are the nature lover, then this is the park which you have been looking for as it has incredible views like mountains, wildlife, and rivers. Such things make this place worth visiting, and it is the cooler place comparatively other places in Sukhothai. Here you will see the wonderful and incredible scenario of nature, and you will never forget this experience in your entire life.


The conclusion 
The Sukhothai is the beautiful and incredible city that worth visiting, here the visitors are proficient enough to unveil more about the beauty of it, religious beliefs, and many more things as well.

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